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Why Is Toronto's TV and Film Industry Blooming?

Toronto is now at the top of the list for many big-budget filmmakers because of its multi-talented workforce and diverse landscape. More than 30 different productions are shooting in the city simultaneously. This shows how popular this city has become when it comes to filmmaking. You will be surprised to know just how many feature films are produced in Toronto. There are many reasons why Toronto is now the leading city for avid filmmakers.

• There are tons of crew members and local actors readily available in this city. The production team of Suicide Squad hired nearly 500 local actors for this superhero flick.

• Directors get plenty of tax credits while shooting in Toronto. One of the tax credits from the federal government covers 16% of the Canadian labour costs. That's a considerable amount considering the budget of Hollywood movies. Additionally, the Ontario Media Development Corporation also offers multiple credits. One of these offers involves a 35% refundable credit on all production expenditures. Apart from directors, producers also get tax credits for special effects and animations. These add up to a significant amount that the filmmakers use in promotions.

• In addition to tax benefits, Toronto has a colossus supporting infrastructure and a well-trained labour force. It has stunning studios, and the service providers are also very cooperative when it comes to shooting on their floors. Directors can shoot, animate, and edit everything in the same city instead of filming in Toronto and then going back to write in Hollywood. This also saves a lot of travelling costs for the entire team.

Over the years, Toronto has developed various technical skills in filmmaking. Their film industry has come up with the latest digital animation devices, pre-visualization, and computer visual effects. If you compare their skills globally, Toronto is one of the top five cities with so much knowledge and resources in filmmaking. This allows directors to hire local technicians instead of travelling with their full team. It is now just behind New York City, Washington DC, and Chicago when it comes to producing TV shows and movies.

• Toronto is also widely popular for its perfect locations. From an urban environment to beautiful landscapes, this city suits almost every type of background that directors have in their minds. This also reduces the need to set up artificial shooting floors.

• More and more producers are investing in Toronto's film and TV industry. The production investments crossed the $1 billion mark for the ninth consecutive time last year. This is because of the available resources in this city. Technicians, actors, locations - it's a readymade hub for filmmakers. You land in Toronto with a script in mind, and you can expect to return from the city with a fully-made film.

• Apart from investment in movies and TV shows, there is a rapid rise in commercials. The figures spiked to over $450 million in 2019. According to many financial reports, investment in commercials production doubled since 2014.

• Toronto is not just a go-to destination for Hollywood filmmakers now. Directors from all over the world are scouting various locations in this city to shoot TV shows and movies. With the advent of Hollywood directors in Toronto, foreign filmmakers are now finding it more comfortable to approach the city's production houses. Almost half of all the major production companies currently fund many domestic and international television series because of the expansion of the film industry.

Toronto's mayor was overwhelmed with the response the city got from directors. When asked about this success, he said that it was a proud moment for the film and TV industry of Toronto, and he certainly hoped that this trend continued in the years to come. He also promised to keep helping the industry partners so that they can improve their facilities.

The film and television industry now contribute significantly to the economy of Toronto. With new talent coming up in the acting and filmmaking department, it's easy to understand why this city is blooming in this industry and will continue to do so in the future.

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