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Toronto Furnished Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

Corporate travelers visiting Toronto are choosing to stay in executive furnished suites rather than hotels for many good reasons. The cost effectiveness of an upscale condo cannot be matched by traditional hotels that often charge twice as much for the same experience. Staying in a unique space rather than the standard hotel increases satisfaction for the overall business trip. And being perfectly located with locations dispersed across the city allows you to live right next to where you need to be. Especially if you are planning to stay for an extended period of time, Corporate Getaway is the superior option every time.

Cost Effective

The most notable reason people choose furnished rentals rather than hotels is how cost effective they are. The price per night is just one way that Toronto furnished rentals are cheaper than hotels. You start by saving money on the nightly rate but then save so much more due to the amenities that are offered.

Having a full kitchen including an oven, stove and microwave means you’re able to enjoy a home cooked meal that will be good for multiple meals. Or for a quick and easy solution, grab something from the convenience store to throw in the microwave or oven. You could spend under $10 per meal by staying in rather than $20-$50 per meal in a hotel lobby or nearby restaurant.

Not only will you save money on food, but laundry too. Have you ever used a laundry service at a hotel and were shocked at the price tag? A small bag of laundry at a hotel can end up costing $50-$100 whereas at a furnished rental, you can do as much laundry as you’d like free of charge.

Unique Experience

Those who travel often consistently complain about the mundane and boring experience of staying in hotels. Every lobby and room are just varying degrees of mediocre. Your decision on where to stay is based on a star rating that is given to the hotel itself. It’s very difficult to predict how enjoyable your stay will be based on the average reviews of thousands of people over multiple years.

With executive furnished suites that are setup for corporate travelers, the experience is much more predictable. The units are given much more individual attention while cleaning and stocking. The units are tastefully designed for the modern traveler and give a sense of home.

Perfectly Located

The location of hotels in Toronto cannot compete with executive furnished rentals which are dispersed across the city. Hotels are centralized in tourist hubs which are often very far away from where business travelers need to be.

Corporate Getaway has upscale furnished rental properties all across the city in many areas that are not serviced by hotels. We often place our business travelers in accommodations that are located within a 5 minute walk of where they need to be including offices and convention centers.

These are just some of the various reasons why business travelers are choosing Corporate Getaway. Contact us today to speak with our professional staff. We are eager to make your business trip an enjoyable experience.


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