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Expectations of Corporate Travellers on Business Trips

Business travel is an amazing perk offered to employees who have earned the ability to travel on behalf of their employers. Visiting new cities on all expenses paid trips is a luxury that many employees enjoy. But it’s not always an entirely positive experience. Being away from loved ones for extended periods of time, waiting in long lines at the airport, navigating through an unknown city and the general disruption of a routine lifestyle can take a toll on business travellers. It is very important for employers to take into consideration the accommodation, environment and the amenities offered when booking for their employees.

Importance Of Accommodation

One of the most important aspects to employee satisfaction while on a business trip is the quality of accommodation. At the very least, employees should be provided with living accommodations that match or exceed their standard of living at home. This is why the bottom half of accommodation options on the market are not suitable for business travellers. Asking an employee to stay somewhere that lowers their standard of living is just not acceptable.

Importance Of Environment

Not only is the actual accommodation important, but the environment is too. Interior design can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction if they are asked to stay in one place for an extended period of time. Design can affect people’s mood and general happiness more than we think. It could be the reason an employee stays positive during difficult situations rather than getting demoralized.

Importance Of Amenities

Having a fully stocked kitchen, separate bedrooms from the living space, laundry facilities and even a balcony can go a long way. This is especially important during trips that last longer than one week. In addition to in-suite amenities, the building amenities are important too. Having a modern fitness center that has good equipment is very important for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Professional Service

When visiting a new city, the best recommendations always come from the locals. People who live in a city know what is amazing and what is overrated. Online reviews are not as reliable as a trusted local who is raving about a local hidden gem. Recommendations on what to do, where to go and how to get around are important to having a positive experience in a new city.

Even though travelling for business is a luxury for many employees, it can either positively or negatively affect their overall job satisfaction. It’s highly recommended to include your employees in deciding where they will stay during their trip. Some employees prefer hotels while others prefer executive short term furnished rentals Toronto. Regardless of the decision, it’s important to consider the accommodation type, environment, amenities and level of service that will be provided.


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